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One of the most important and central phases is the purchase of the right property, in the event that the customer is not already the owner.


Renovitaly offers a complete and highly professional service supporting and accompanying the customer in all the phases that lead to the final purchase.

The area of ​​interest is central Italy, in particular the central regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Marche, which constitute a territory rich in natural resources, historical and artistic assets and an infinite variety of landscapes: from the sea, to the green valleys to the mountains.

Thanks to the collaboration with Via dei Colli Immobiliare we can offer carefully selected and exclusive properties in central Italy and can enlarge the area of our offers to that of the entire territory of Italy through our partnership with the Great Estate Real Estate Group.. Renovitaly is able to offer the solution closest to the needs and desires of the end customer, whether the latter is interested in purchasing a building that has already been renovated, a building to be restored, or land on which to build.

The research activity will begin after a cognitive and orientation interview, in which the characteristics of the property that the customer is looking for will be defined. After careful and accurate market research, the best purchase proposals will be selected and offered to the customer.


Before proceeding with the purchase of the chosen property, the client is informed and made aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the property.

If the client requests it, a more detailed property survey can be carried out with the involvement of other professionals (e.g. geological survey, structural survey, specific surveys relating to town planning … etc); in this case Renovitaly will provide all the necessary estimates.

In this way Renovitaly guarantees its customers that they can carry out negotiations in absolute clarity and security without unforeseen events or misunderstandings.


The final phase of the negotiation will end with the purchase of the property. Renovitaly will draw up the following contracts for the customer:

  • Purchase proposal
  • Preliminary purchase (“compromesso”)
  • Deed of sale

For further information, please visit the purchase guide of Via dei Colli real estate (https://viadeicolli.com/guida-allacquisto/)

In every phase of the purchase, from the initial interview, to the moment of purchase through to our after-sales service, we will be maximally available with the aim of clarifying any possible doubt and endeavouring to satisfy every need.