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The PM will play an active and leading role in the management and technical and practical organisation of the project.

The PM will have specific responsibility for:

  • Identification and definition of the TEAM of experts and professionals who will take part in the project implementation
  • Definition of the team TASKS and relationships
  • ORGANIZATION of RESOURCES (procurement of materials, definition of daily activities, management of orders, etc.)
  • TECHNICAL AND PRACTICAL COORDINATION of the work site: the PM’s extensive experience in the fields of construction and real estate guarantees the highest level of technical preparation and a broad vision of the market, optimizing the results in terms of costs, investment and quality of the finished product
  • CONSTANT FEEDBACK on progress including video and photographic material.

All this is possible thanks to the support of professional collaborators who, together with Renovitaly, are committed to guaranteeing a high quality and professional service.

Whatever the size and cost of the work to be carried out, a contract will be drawn up (including the possibility of a “turnkey” service) which will be signed after the estimate has been examined and accepted by the client. The contract will include all work execution methods, deadlines, payment methods and the various clauses required to protect the customer.