Project manager

“How to achieve it?”

The figure of the Project Manager can be considered the core business of the Renovitaly group.

Renovitaly provides the client a PM (fluent in Italian and English) with specific skills and competences in construction and renovation works that allow him to be a figure of mediation among the client and the third parties involved in the project:

1. Capacity for interpersonal relationships: ability to relate to and involve all the stakeholders of the project.
2. Information capacity: must guarantee maximum transparency of information and immediate and constant communication.
3. Decision-making capacity: the knowhow to make decisions and a developed problem solving ability to optimize the time and costs of project implementation, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.
4. Direct experience in the field: this experience can be considered an added value both for the optimization of the works and for the end customer who can count on a professionally and technically competent person.

These skills are in turn translated into specific competences:

  • Technical
  •  Managerial
  • Relationalal

The PM, being endowed with excellent organizational skills, will be able to define the detailed project schedule based on the needs of the customer by identifying the “critical path“, ie the phases of primary importance whose implementation and execution have a significant impact on the overall costs and completion time of the project.
Through a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness, the PM will be able to optimize the time and cost of project implementation in the event of unforeseen events due to both external and internal factors.
The PM will provide the end customer with a detailed schedule in which will be indicated:
Project start and completion date
Duration of each individual phase of the project
Relationships and correlations between the work phases